Nancy Becher’s Don’t Wait Til Pigs Fly

Episode 46: Doing Our Best with JW Rayhons

January 23, 2020

“When you look for the good in someone; you’ll find it.”

Consistently high-performing teams achieve significantly more than what is imaginably possible.

As a leader, you may experience phases when your team is highly performing, firing on all cylinders, and at their best. During those time periods, you want to capitalize on that momentum and elevate your team to new levels of success. While leading teams, you may also find yourself in phases when your team is underperforming and needs a turn-around because there are significant milestones your organization is striving for.. This is how JW Rayhons, our guest today, starts out our conversation. He makes it clear that while he mostly works with teams, even a one-person team can fall into these two categories. It’s all in how you deal with the current situation that gets you to the next step on the journey.

There's going to be some unexpected things that are going to come up throughout the year on any given day. And so it really is how do I and anyone else go about staying focused on the things that they really want to accomplish? Really stay focused on the things that mean the most to them that are most important to them?

How should we focus our time and energy? First, we need to get very clear on what it is we want to accomplish and how we are going to accomplish that. Listen in as we talk more about the steps to happiness and success in your business.

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