Don’t Wait Til Pigs Fly: A Business Podcast

Episode 35: Hyperfocus with Kat McLead

October 17, 2019

Take 30 minutes and focus on one thing – something that is going to move your business forward. Don’t pay attention to email, to other things that are distractions. 15-15-15 model is a great plan. What is going to help you get more money, more clients, more success. That model means take 15 minutes to talk with clients, take 15 to create a client funnel, and take 15 minutes to set up your facebook posts, your marketing. When you spend time on busy work and not on the forward momentum of CLIENTS, then you are wasting time.

Today’s guest, Kat McLead, is an expert on hyperfocus. When listening to her you will learn how you too can create a stronger, more successful business by creating times during the day when you focus on one or two different things and don’t allow distractions. Take a listen here!

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